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At Existential Offerings we offer a creative and accessible approach to existential ideas; the questions and philosophies of what it means to be alive.

/ˌɛɡzɪˈstɛnʃ(ə)l/ |

"Relating to existance."
from late Latin existentialis, from existentia. See: existence.


By gathering inspiration and ideas from:
Past and present philosophers,


... from everyday people,
we go beyond the ancient literature and academia and into an exciting place of creative exploration, knowledge, and shared experience. 


But... Why?

Existential philosophies are most commonly guided by 19th and 20th Century European philosophers (Sartre, Frankl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty etc.). These brilliant thinkers wrote wonderful but complex literature which is primarily explored in rather niche academic circles.

While many a scholar enjoys delving into academia, this is not a universally shared pleasure... Not everyone wants to read academic publications and complicated books. This means that many inspiring philosophies are inaccessible to most of the population.

Coming together from all walks of our unique lives, we now have an opportunity to explore philosophies and ideas about life through open discussions, resources, and inclusive adventures suitable for all!

“The world is, of course, nothing but our conception of it.”
― Anton Chekhov

Warmest wishes,

The Existential Offerings Team

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