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About Us 

Our History

Existential Offerings was founded by Natalie Fraser. It aspires to create an inslusive and creative space for people exploring the 'Big Questions' in life.

In classes and discussions with peers during her training to become a Counselling Psychologist and Existential Psychotherapist, Natalie noticed that while everyone was learning about 'existential' ideas, no one seemed to give the same answer about what this word actually meant.

It started to become clear that while different existential philosophies had similar themes, each philosopher highlighted different points and offered different perspectives about how people can live a meaningful life...

In other words... there are lots of different 'existential offerings' out there.


Who Cares?

Everyone reflects, questions, and searches for experiences to make their life more exciting and meaningful. Children do this naturally, with an untarnished curiosity that many adults loose.

The image of an 'existentialist' or a 'philosopher' can be associated with difficult jargon and old white men.

This can make people feel intimited, confused, or disinterested.

Yet philosophy originally means "the search for wisdom" and Natalie believes that every human is a philosopher, a reflective being, spending their life searching for new ideas to create a life that is meaningful to them - whether they're doing it consciously or not.

What does Existential Offerings offer that's not already available elsewhere?

Natalie became very aware during her training that the same famous names are taught on repeat, often based on the location and orientation of the school. 

Yet there are so many existential philosophies out there from all areas of the globe.


The Existential Offerings project is an ever-evolving collection of resources, events, and connections which invite us to explore the curious journey of being a human in a historically and globally inclusive way.

This project has been put together to offer people from all backgrounds the opportunity to look into existential ideas from a more accessible and creative approach. 

What is Existential Therapy?

Existential therapy draws on different philosophies to help clients better understand what challenges they are facing, why these might be happening, and how to move forward feeling inspired, feeling safer and feeling more at peace.


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Talk to Natalie about Existential Therapy & Coaching

What are 'existential' ideas?

In short, existential ideas consider the 'big questions' concerning what it means to be alive.


Have you ever asked yourself questions such as:

  • Why are we here?

  • What is the meaning of my life?

  • Why do people have to suffer; to die?

  • How can I live happily when life is so uncertain?

Asking these questions is a natural part of being human, but it can also be quite overwhelming.

Exploring these ideas and philosophies with other people and with some direction can be far more enjoyable.


These ideas really help inspire people to get to know themselves and create the best life possible.


Here, we offer the chance to explore these ideas in a safe, creative, and supportive environment.

But philosophy creates more questions than it answers...

In the modern world of science, humans have become addicted to the idea of having certainty, answers, explainations they can make sense of and never worry about again.


When we begin appreciating life as a neverending and constantly changing journey, the idea of needing final answers becomes less important.

The value of philosophy is that it provides a huge range of ideas to inspire that curious journey.

Philosophy has a tendency to make you think "gosh, I've always felt that but couldn't put it into words!"

Sometimes people might relate to some philosophers' ideas more than to others.


Sometimes certain life events can make certain philosophies more relevent to us at that particular time. 

At the end of the day, its up to us to explore them and notice which ones interest us.

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