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Join us at The Existential Tribe Live Online Events to explore the The Big Questions in Life together with other lovely people from around the world.

Existential Offerings was created by Dr Natalie Fraser to provide an ever-evolving collection of free and low-cost resources and events. These invite everyone, everywhere to explore the Big Questions in life. This project offers people from all backgrounds the opportunity to look into existential ideas from a more accessible and creative approach.

The Existential Tribe is the social element of this project, bringing people together from around the world to share and explore our curious journey of being a human in a historically and globally inclusive way.
Monthly Live Events: Free Tickets
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The Existential Tribe

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The Global Existential Summits are yearly summits that bring together leading existential thinkers from around the globe to share wisdom and hope for humans around the world. Entry is absolutely free for everyone. For more information:

Why the FREE TICKETS? Our Ethos with Money
At the heart of all Natalie Fraser's existential projects is the belief that these ideas can be incredibly empowering and important for people from any background.

Normally however, spaces to explore these big ideas are restricted to academic circles or expensive courses and events. This means that the majority of the population are left out, with philosophical communities suffering from elitism and a problematic lack of diversity.

In attempt to offer these fascinating perspectives about life with anyone who wishes to explore them, Existential Offerings is committed to offering free or low-cost tickets so that everything offered is as accessible and inclusive as possible.

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