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Documentaries exploring existential concepts can be a fantastic way to explore and understand philosophical ideas.

Prepare to question the 'truths' that you've lived with, and consider what life could be life from alternate perspectives...

Here - in no particular order - is an ever-growing list.

With thanks to everyone who contributed. We would love to hear your suggestions too!


by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Examined Life (3 Parts)

by Astra Taylor

Human, All Too Human
by BBC

Wittgenstein: A Wonderful Life (1989)
by BBC

The Art of Effortless Living

A Taoist Documentary

by Jason Gregory

Cobra Gypsies

by Raphael Treza

Japan The Way of Zen : Zen Buddhism Documentary

by Pierre Brouwers

Finding Joe

Staring Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma, Rashida Jones, Sir Ken Robinson

by Patrick Solomon, Alan Cohen

Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy? 

by Michel Gondry

Being In The World

by Tao Ruspoli

Eastern Philosophy

by Documentary Base

Western Philosophy
by Documentary Base

TAOISM | The Philosophy Of Flow

by Einzelgänger


by A.J. Cohen

Other Recommended Video Channels:

The Weekend University

Philosophy Overdose 

Academy Of Ideas

The School of Life

Pursuit of Wonder
Meaning Online

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