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Bleakness Or Symmetry

Written by Irvin E. Allen "Our Poem" in honour of my Practicum Supervisor.

Dear colleague, I sensed the depth of your mood,

The frustration of helping those who often brood

When they should celebrate being young and growing

Instead of wishing to join the ranks of the unfeeling.

Their pain shoots across your soul as a red flash

That for only a brief, passing moment affects the rash

Never ending search for an end to the eternal bleakness

Of the day in, day out, struggle that’s so meaningless.

Flashes of enlightenment may brighten your folly

And then fade into a lingering blue melancholy

Which eventually dies in the encompassing darkness

Of the daily battle not to submit to eternal madness.

Take heart, for out of your melancholy low,

As it always does, will emerge an inner glow

Like the rising sun on a dewy, spring morn

And your slumbering hope will be reborn.

The sincerity of your tears waters your humanity

And renews your anger against the heartless insanity

Of human weakness, and man’s desire to retreat

From the very eternal dragons, he must defeat.

The warmth of your caring gives courage to those

You touch, to face life’s many unseen foes

Who threaten their very existence and would gladly

Sentence them to, at best, an endless mediocrity.

Even though each human creature hides behind a wall

Of various hue and symmetry, yet all

Add to the strange parch work of our existence

And give out a silent cry for loving acceptance.


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