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Collector of Souls

Written by Courtney Glover

Her: “It’s good to see you.” Him: “I know it’s been awhile.” Her: “I heard you joined the army.” Him: “Yeah, that was a crazy ride.”

Her: “I heard rumours in town. That you died over there...” Him: “You can’t believe rumours.” He knew she still cared.

Her: “So what kind of work do you do now?” Him: He held his breath, his thoughts screaming loud.

Him: “I’m a collector of sorts.” Her: “A collector of what?” Him: “A collector of souls.” Her: “I doubt that very much.”

Him: “You see that old black Buick? New haircut, new clothes? They’re part of the perks, of being a collector of souls.”

She smiled an amused grin, and patted his chest. “If you say so, sweetheart. But you’ve travelled far and need your rest.”

Him: “You don’t have to believe me. Maybe it’s better that way.”

Her: “Oh, you never told me! How long can you stay?”

He smiled a sad smile, put his hand on her back, “Not long I’m afraid.” It was time that he lacked. He kissed her forehead, saying, “I know you’ve been sick.”

With tears in her eyes, “You seem to know all my tricks. Seems like I can’t hide anything from you. Is that why you showed up, out of the blue?”

Him: “I’ve always loved you. I’m so sorry I left. But I’m here now.”

She silently wept. With teary eyes, she looked into his eyes so blue, sighed a sad sigh, saying “I never stopped loving you.”

Him: “That’s why they sent me. I needed to see you one last time. Not once in all these years, did you ever leave my mind.”

She finally realised that he was telling the truth, looking into his eyes, those big baby blues. He never lied, was never this bold. “You really are the Collector of Souls.”

Him: “Are you ready? I promise no pain. The cancer will be gone. Only sunshine, no more rain.”

He held her tight, her head on his chest. “Close your eyes, my love. You can finally rest.”

Painting by Willi Franklin "Good luck Shirley" | Watercolour


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